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Anyone want to participate on the revised "Clothing, Costume, and Compromises" panel discussion at Collegium? Erzi and I are currently leading it, but we need at least one more "expert" on the panel. Two more would also be dandy. (It's probably going to be in the first time slot from 9-10, fair warning.)

Here's the class description:
We all make compromises, but sometimes we forget that it’s ok to make something just because it’s pretty/flattering/functional/etc. What do we wear what we wear at events and why do we choose the clothing we do? Is documentable necessarily better? What class do we dress as? Do we embellish or not? Do we shorten our skirts? Do we should cleavage, or ankle? How hard is it to get dressed in the morning? Should men have to wear dresses? What fabrics do we choose, and why?

Come join a panel of “experts” to discuss the compromises all of us make, why we make them, and how to communicate what they are. This class is intended to expose the fact that everyone makes decisions based on compromise, and to increase the acceptance of our own compromises by learning how to communicate them.


Fabric, again?

Before I send it back tomorrow, does anyone want (pics in the usual place)

4+ yards lightweight 100% worsted wool suiting, 58" wide. Charcoal tweed. $32

7+ yards lightweight 100% worsted wool suiting, 58" wide. Dark red (not saturated, has a pinkish-burgundy tone.) $56

7+ yards lightweight 100% wool suiting, 62" wide. Cream with a grey tinge. $56

8+ yards lightweight 100% worsted wool suiting, 58" wide. Dark hunter green. $64

If you want it, I can bring it to practice tonight, ship it to you, or deliver at Weds practice next week. (I'm taking public trans to practice tonight, so won't be bringing anything that isn't claimed.)


Etsy up!

I finally managed to list a few things on etsy - the store banner isn't done and the shop is still in progress, but fabrics and hats are now listed.


Doing the photographs is a learning experience, I tell ya.
Dave's TEDx talk was Saturday, so that's what we did this weekend. He's been understandably preoccupied this last week, so he got me a pedicure yesterday as a thank-you for being supportive. I *love* it when appreciation looks like pretty toes!

Yesterday was errands and finishing up little projects. The cupboards are full, I have three new jewelry rolls for all those chains of mine (and a 4th started,) and am now the proud owner of several yards of pea-green velveteen.

I tried overdyeing the gold drapes with chartreuse first, but had two problems. The green-gold color wasn't what I was after, and they streaked. The streaking could have been because I used two packets of dye in the washer instead of one, or because the fabric itself was sunfaded. Either way, had to do it again. This time I did each drape separately with a single packet of kelly green, and got exactly the color I wanted. The color is nicely consistent between all three pieces, and while there's still some very faint streaking, I can work around that. Now I just have to decide what to do with it.

I'm still in Get Rid of Stuff mode, and now it's my period clothing. Another cotte, a German dress, and possibly an old ren-faire English gown. I made it for a weekend of playing Dave-O's wife at Northern a long, long time ago... maybe the only time I've done English at faire, come to think of it. I've worn it 3-4 times at SCA events, but not in the last 4-5 years. It's self-corseted, because I didn't want to make a corset for just a single weekend gig, and that makes it uncomfortable for me. There's probably enough fabric in the skirt (1/2" cartridge-pleated) that I could make a new bodice and salvage the spiral-guarded short sleeves, which are may favorite part. OR I could sell it to someone 5'2" or under with a 32-34" bust and 25"-ish waist. Hmmm.

The thing I promised myself I would do this month that I still haven't started is getting my Etsy store up and running. I seem to be resistant. It's probably because the photography part intimidates me so much, but really! this is getting a little ridiculous. I've got four hats ready to go, and several more in the works. And chains, of course. I'm considering making a few gollars as well... A lot of people who sew don't "do" hats, which makes it worthwhile to have some for sale. But I'm not sure if gollars would sell. I suppose I could make a few and see... The trick will be to make them out of fabrics that people either don't enjoy working with (like velvets and fur,) or fabrics that they have trouble finding (wool velvets and wool damasks, silk damasks, really good patterns, etc.)

Enough typing - time to get to my day :-)



Sometimes there are those projects that taunt you for years. They sit on whatever surface you keep "current" projects on and stare at you while you work on other things. When you finally get tired of it, you box them up and put them in the garage. But somewhere in the back of your mind is small voice, nagging you to just finish them. A year (or years) later, you take them out, stare at them some more, and they stare back, inert, uninspiring. They sit on your ironing board, getting in the way, and still not speaking the language of the Muse. And then...

I have a wool velvet gollar that has been plaguing me for *mumblemumble* years. I kept telling myself I would get to it, that I wasn't doing it because I couldn't find the right color silk to line it in,* that the backing was too scratchy for silk anyhow and it would need to be interlined, that I would line in a thin black wool when I got some more, that I couldn't wear it in the rain, etc, etc. This morning, the penny dropped. It needs to be lined in fur. Not just any fur, either, the falling-apart muskrat-marketed-as-beaver cape that also needs to be recycled into something. Gotcha!

I also started cleaning out the garage, which is, and has been, a disaster area since November. In the process, I found three gold cotton velveteen curtains which are going to be dyed and re-used as fabric for something. Drapes are one of my favorite things to upcycle.

*If you have ever seen my closets, that's a laugh! I have at least 40 colors of silk and silk scraps in there...

Last call for books

PS - I am taking the remaining art books to sell this Tuesday, but if my friends want any of them, I will hold them through April, and yes, I will also ship :-)


Am I back? Maybe.

I find that it's much too easy for me to spend entirely too much time on the internet, especially on things like lj and fb. So as usual, I've been taking a bit of a break to Get Stuff Done.

Crown was fun, despite the weather. I stayed toasty in the first wearing of my new black-on-blacks, and got compliments.* Also ended up with a very muddy apron from having entirely too much fun paying with dogs. Saw folks, ran around, etc.

Yesterday I FINALLY put the skirt on Maleficent (my black and green Saxon,) so now she's in a wearable state.** I have absolutely no idea when I'll wear her, though, because this tourney season it's time for me to go all 14th-century again. I also started some surface embroidery on the neckline of my hembd, because the pleating pulled out *again* this weekend. Not sure what my next project will be - my commission queue is very close to clear, so mostly I'm waiting for the Muse to strike.

Not much else to report. I'm still not employed by anyone else, still happily getting rid of stuff, struggling with weight maintenance, and still very much in love with J! We can afford to stay in our place through June at least, and that's good. And today I get to see Kiffny and spend a birthday with Debbie, and that's great. :-)

* Yeah, yeah. Pictures. I know.
** See above.

Rest of the fabric pics are posted

Fabric pics/details are here: http://pics.livejournal.com/etaine_pommier/gallery/00011kre

Same spreadsheet to see what's left: https://spreadsheets.google.com/ccc?key=0AurYQ4Qd8N_MdEp3RVFORDRoZFRjeXQ3cXExTHlGTmc&hl=en&authkey=CPWzm80P

ETA: I will continue to post pictures this evening. Right now all the wools, all the solid linens, and about half the damasks are pictured. There are still a bunch of silks, damasks, and prints to go.

EATA: everything worth picturing is up :-)

just put up a bunch of fabric pics

to go with yesterdays spreadsheet. I concentrated on getting shots of the non-modern stuff.

http://pics.livejournal.com/etaine_pommier/gallery/00010pds. Colors are as true as I could get them on my monitor, but y'all know how that works.

Fabric list is up

Fabric list is in a google spreadsheet now in order to make it easier to maintain. I will post pictures of what's left after the 13th. But meantime, if you regulars want to claim something and pick it up/have it shipped before (or on) that date, you can :-)

Here's the link: https://spreadsheets.google.com/ccc?key=0AurYQ4Qd8N_MdEp3RVFORDRoZFRjeXQ3cXExTHlGTmc&hl=en&authkey=CPWzm80P

ETA: pics of most of the pre-18th c fabrics are up in the usual place: http://pics.livejournal.com/etaine_pommier/gallery/00010pds. Colors are as true as I could get them on my monitor, but y'all know how that works.